Spam Filters

How it works?

How Spam Filters works?

spam-filter3We filter emails by passing your emails through our servers that scan the mail for various elements that are usually considered to be spam and then we either pass them onto you or we quarentine them and you can then access these blocked emails via the control panel.

We have been supplying spam filters to our clients for a long time now, but since the global recession has kicked in we’ve seen a huge increase in the volumes of spam going through of servers, eating the band width and consuming huge processing time, not to mention squatting on Gigabytes of our server space.

Because of this we have been working on creating a product to help our clients and to help ourselves on the amount of administration that it is taking each day to help clear valid emails and block unwanted ones.

spam-filter6Self Service is the norm these days in supermarkets, petrol stations and now in email filtering systems, allowing our clients log into their own Email Filtering Control Panel and manage emails they need to receive and leave the ones that could contain a virus or spam that will waste their valuable time.

Once they log into our secure system, the menu system allows the user to tweak their email filter to make it strong or to allow certain emails through or IP addresses. The great thing about this is that it really puts the keys back in the administrators hands. You can create and update White Lists and Black Lists to suit your needs.

spam-filter9If you have an email that has been sent to you but the spam filter has blocked it then you can log in, view it in the log of stopped emails and click on “release” and it will be pushed into your inbox as normal in a few minutes.

How to set up Spam Filtering ?

Basically just get in touch and we will run through the steps required to implement the changes needed for your MX Records, even if your website is hosted on another server just get your web designer or administrator of your domain name to make your MX Records point towards our filters.


The MX records should be setup as follows:
Priority 10 =
Priority 20 =
Priority 30 =
Priority 40 =
Priority 50 =
Priority 60 =
Priority 70 =

As you can see the filtering get passed through more filtration sessions than a good whiskey, so image how great the results are on your inbox. These sessions are powerful servers that are updated and kept running 24/7 to examine the origin of emails,  see where they are being sent from, look and see if they are all being sent from the same IP address or computer. Often a pc can get a virus and it turns that PC into a Virus Sending Server. Our servers notice these type of emails and we block those dodgy emails before they arrive on your door.


The Control Panel lets you see exactly the amount of email we block each hour, To start email filtering your mail and stop the crap being delivered to your inbox and your staff’s inbox then call myself Dave Jordan and we can start clearing your email today.

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