Spam Filters Hosted Email AntiSpam Filter Service


Spam Filtering Prices is a hosted email antiSpam filtering service that prevents spam from reaching your network or pc. Our system uses "Cloud Computing" technology by increasing the servers needed as the spam emails surge during busy peaks, such as seasonal holidays etc. The multi-layered filters have a service level for 99% spam capture, removing threats, improving your employee's productivity and reducing the volume of mail reaching your organisation, so you can focus on running your business.

Our Email Anti-Spam filter is compatible with any SMTP-compliant email messaging platform including: Exchange Server , GroupWise, Lotus Notes-Domino, providing a cost effective spam filtering solution. Our solution is scalable to fit the needs of any size business and you can enhance your email security by adding our Email Anti-Virus filter


Why use Email AntiSpam filter?

The Email Anti-Spam filter is a managed service. It requires no hardware purchases, no installation, no ongoing upgrades and no maintenance. Our hosted Email Anti-Spam filtering can be setup in minutes.


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